Black Sheep

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Black Sheep

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Author: Peter Sims

Type: Hardback

ISBN: 9781939714251

Date: 20th June, 2024


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  2. Society And Culture
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Hundreds of years from now, anthropologists will puzzle: twenty-first century humans lived in some of the wealthiest societies in history, yet only a minority of us, around a third, reported being happy. Why? One big problem is that so many of us feel trapped, playing a part rather than being our true selves; pursuing an expected path to success, which is supposed to bring happiness but that doesn't actually excite us or nurture our souls.   Is this you? Perhaps you feel out of your natural element much of the time, undervalued, or left behind. Maybe you long to break free and stop following the herd.  Let's face it, though. We live in a white-sheep world, and that's where Peter Sims initially found himself, working inside the capital markets of London. As "just another suit chasing the next sip of sugar water" in the hamster wheel of life, Sims and his colleagues  wondered if there's a better life on the other side?  Turns out, the black sheep were everywhere, doing things differently-starting with living life.   If the thought of freeing your inner child exhilarates you, we invite you to crack open this book. If you yearn to dance to your own music, read on. If the idea of black sheep reinventing the world from the ground up excites you, join Peter as he shares his deeply personal journey and the development of the Black Sheep movement

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