Big Screens, Small Forms

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Big Screens, Small Forms

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Author: Lisa Gotto


ISBN: 9783837661972

Date: 15th July, 2022


  1. Categories

  2. Cultural And Media Studies
  3. Films, Cinema


We witness an era with more screens than ever before, and within each screen, a multitude of visual varieties. Lisa Gotto investigates this medial diversity as a field of tension between large and small forms of digital image culture. This includes, on the one hand, the immersive potential of large image arrangements, such as digital 3D cinema, and, on the other hand, the compactness of mobile image forms, such as those of the smartphone film or the media practices of Instagram. Weaving together a rich variety of examples and sources, this book presents a multifaceted collection of essays that explore the transformational potential of digital media culture, contextualize its media-technical conditions, and reflect on its social consequences.

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