Aurora, the Dawn

Aurora, the Dawn

By Sana Taher



This is a book that compiles poetry written over years of observation. Words are mere concoction of thoughts, thoughts that have been plenty. These have been threaded together and put forth for everyone to read. From nature to philosophy. From darkness to awakening, all enclosed with a feminine touch. This book, as the title describes, is the dawn of new age poetry. The five categories of poems touch upon several aspects. Beyond, has poetry that talks about the extra ordinary, the human responses and the perceptions of human mind. Melancholy, explores dark poetry. It encompasses the deprived and deeply saddened thoughts. Life, encloses poetry that brings to light the philosophical aspect of life and its journey. Essence, envelopes poetry pertaining to nature, our surroundings and their impact on us. Woman, as the name suggests has poetry regarding women, their strength and the hurdles they face.

ISBN: 9789948809555


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