Artists in the Americas

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Artists in the Americas

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ISBN: 9784756256850

Date: 1st June, 2023

Publisher: PIE

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This is an art collection featuring 62 noteworthy creators working mainly in North and South America today. The collection includes several attractive illustrations by each artist, and features artists working in a variety of genres, such as Japanese anime-style works, gaming styles, American comic styles, illustrations of daily life or fantasy worlds, and more. Showcasing a range of illustration techniques, coloring methods, styles, etc., this collection highlights variation among the artists and even helps readers learn more about artists that appeal to them by including each artist's pixivID, along with the details of their personal websites and social media handles. "We hope this art book will inspire readers, help them find creative hints, and discover new creators." (pixiv) This book is recommended not only for those who enjoy illustration, but also for those looking for reference materials for their own creative projects. Readers will undoubtedly find a lot of inspiration from this collection!

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