Anime & Manga Digital Coloring Guide

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Anime & Manga Digital Coloring Guide

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Author: Teruko Sakurai


ISBN: 9784805317228

Date: 23rd March, 2023


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A colour science expert's must-have guide for manga and anime artists! Author Teruko Sakurai, Japan's leading colourist, applies her expert knowledge of colour to drawing effective anime and manga. Starting with the basics, Sakurai shares her secrets on how to provide your characters and scenes with the right colors to accurately express their moods and actions. Here are just some of the key topics presented in this all-in-one handbook: How to select the right hair and eye colours to express the personality and mood of a characterThe basics of color theory and how to pair the color palette of a scene with the story being told. Colour's role in conveying emotion--the essential colours used to capture a particular mood. Sakurai shows you how to become a more skilled digital colourist just by following a few simple guidelines--and then how to refine your illustrations further using professional-level digital shading and coloration techniques. With hundreds of tips and sample palettes to refer to, Anime & Manga Digital Coloring Guide is a book every manga and anime artist will want to have!

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