An Owl's Tales

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An Owl's Tales

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Author: Al Tenhundfeld


ISBN: 9798886939279

Date: 13th October, 2023


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Life is a trail of crossing paths, some barely noticed, others with profound impacts. Did Santa bring that special football or the right Barbie doll? Did you pass that tough high school teacher's course? Remember your first love? Was the pound puppy with sad but hopeful eyes ever chosen? Was the homeless beggar on the corner worth helping? The paths of Santa and teachers and loves and others who need help influence the course of our path, some for good, others not so much. But all of your paths make you, you. Is it better to know or to feel what we should do? Maybe it doesn't matter as long as the trail is guided by the heart. One man's journey through a lifetime of crossed paths is portrayed in An Owl's Tales. Some paths will sound familiar; some will challenge; some will motivate, while others will touch your heart. The wise old owl who sleeps with one eye open observes everything, reacts to little, but remembers. When your race is run, what will have been your important paths?

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