Amie Dicke

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Amie Dicke

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Author: Amie Dicke


ISBN: 9783753302997

Date: 1st February, 2023


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New book on the work of Dutch artist Amie Dicke."I want to see images as if they have handles, as if they were drawers that I could open to take things out of and put things in." Amie Dicke.Driven by the need to grasp and touch images in order to understand them, Dicke's works raise questions about how we as a society form judgements and make decisions with the eye.The first volume of this monograph, Handle, invites us to cross the threshold of her studio and share her urge to touch, explore and find a way into an image.Entitled Collecting Alibis, the second volume is a book of observations by Dicke made en passant, a vital part of her approach.Made with her phone, the juxtapositions and images themselves cast light in an intimate and often humorous way on her processes of thinking - of working through and with an image - in order to explore and understand it.This monograph follows her work over a period of 22 years.It consists of 2 volumes in a slipcase, both softbacks:Book 1, entitled 'Handle' has 184 pages.Book 2, entitled 'Collecting Alibis' has 128 pages.Amy Dicke has exhibited at Tate Modern, London and Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt, among others.For more information, please visit the artist's website.

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