All Things Are Too Small

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All Things Are Too Small

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Author: Becca Rothfeld

Type: Paperback

ISBN: 9780349016238

Date: 4th April, 2024

Publisher: VIRAGO

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  2. Cultural And Media Studies
  3. Literary Essays


A spiky, funny and intellectually dazzling response to modern culture - from BDSM to mindfulness to Sally Rooney 'Bracing and brilliant ... scintillating writing of breadth and power' Kate Kellaway, Observer 'A radical and important book' James Wood, author of Serious Noticing 'Seriously precise ... and very funny' Telegraph In All Things Are Too Small , virtuoso young critic and philosopher Becca Rothfeld turns her clear gaze to a series of interconnected cultural and political questions - about aesthetics, taste, literature, equality, power and sexuality. In a healthy culture, she argues, economic security allows for wild extremes of aesthetic experimentation, yet in our society we've got it flipped. The gap between rich and poor yawns hideously wide, while we compensate with misguided attempts to effect equality in love and art, where it does not belong. Our culture's embrace of minimalism has left our souls impoverished: decluttering has reduced our living spaces to empty non-places; the mindfulness trend has emptied our minds of the thoughts that make us who we are; the regularization of sex has drained it of unpredictability and therefore true eroticism; and our quest for balance has yielded fictions whose protagonists aspire to excise their appetites. As intellectually illuminating as it is gloriously carnal and earthy, All Things Are Too Small is a much needed tonic in a world of oppressive sterility and limitation, and a soul cry for derangement, imbalance, obsession, ravishment and disorder.

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