All the Colors of the Sky

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All the Colors of the Sky

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Author: Malak


ISBN: 9789948790594

Date: 31st January, 2024


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Like the ever-changing sky, our emotions are a vivid spectrum. From joy to sorrow, from youth to age, from dawn to dusk and the moments in between - our feelings paint a canvas as varied as the sky itself. We feel the warmth of love, the chill of indifference, the solitude of loneliness, and the comfort of companionship. From fiery reds to calming blues, vibrant orchids to muted lavenders, we embody every hue and shade. We are the brilliant sunrise, the melancholic sunset, and the mysterious twilight. All the Colors of the Sky is a collection that captures the essence of love and life, weaving tales that transcend the obvious, delving deep into the unseen emotions and untold stories. Experience the vastness, the beauty, the depth. Experience All the Colors of the Sky.

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