All in a Doctor's Day

All in a Doctor's Day

By Lucia Gannon



The local doctor occupies a privileged position in society. Pillars of the community and privy to the most intimate details of people's lives, we often imbue them with superhuman qualities and expect them to have all the answers. Rarely do we get to see the person behind the ever-calm, professional exterior and experience how they handle the weight of responsibility that comes with the role. Step into the surgery of Dr. Lucia Gannon. Arriving in the small village of Killenaule, Co. Tipperary 20 years ago - husband Liam (also a GP) and children in tow - Gannon was a blow-in determined to build a practice that would provide solace for the sick, worried and confused. Journey with her as she builds a life in this tight-knit community, and discover what it means to be the one people bring their problems to - problems that are not always medical, but which still require discretion, kindness and the willingness to provide a listening ear to those on the tricky journey of life.

ISBN: 9780717183258


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