Adventures In Wonderland TPB

Adventures In Wonderland TPB

By Paul Charles



For so many of us, music shapes our world. It becomes part of our DNA. In our hearts we aspire to writing the great song or stepping out on stage in front of a packed arena. But it is part of the mystery of music that we don't know how - or why - a particular song will seem to get right inside our heads, or why one artist will scale the highest heights, while another just can't get beyond the local pub gig. In telling the personal story of a world-leading agent, promoter, manager and songwriter, Adventures in Wonderland answers those questions in a way that no book has ever done before. Paul Charles has lived the life, loved the music, dreamt the dreams, and been manager and confidante to some of the world's biggest - and most artistically credible - artists and songwriters. In Adventures in Wonderland, he writes about his encounters with The Beatles, The Kinks, Robert Plant, Van Morrison, The Rolling Stones, Carly Simon, The Police, U2, The Waterboys, Shakespeare's Sister and dozens

ISBN: 9780957611498


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