Adorable Pom Pom Animals

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Adorable Pom Pom Animals

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Author: Kazuko Ito


ISBN: 9784805314852

Date: 3rd August, 2018


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Pom poms are suddenly showing up again everywhere;as fashion accessories, home decor items and toys;adding a new twist to an old favorite. Adorable Pom Pom Animals shows you how to sculpt cuddly pets and mascots in different shapes and sizes;from miniature poodles, hamsters and bunnies small enough to wear on a brooch or bag;to larger bears, monkeys and parakeets big enough to fill the palm of your hand or hang in your car. The author even shows you how to make a few tasty treats and a flower or two! This simple art of winding, tying, trimming and fluffing yarns and fabrics to form them into huggable shapes is a craft that provides fun and a sense of creativity for people of all ages. In this charming little book, you will learn how to: Select the right fibers to provide the perfect texture for each creation Use stitching and trimming to sculpt and define the pom pom Use needle felting techniques to give each one its own unique characterLessons, diagrams, and step-by-step instructions show you how to make: Wearable animal heads like a lion, a Schnauzer, a monkey, and other wild and domesticated animals Little toys and mascots of favorite animals like cats, dogs, seals and penguins, to name a few Character animals, hearts and flowers, vegetables and fruits, and so much more...Best of all, the designs and techniques in this book make it easy to come up with your own original designs;and you'll have the technical know-how to make them!

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