A Voice Coming From Then

A Voice Coming From Then

By Jeremy Dixon



Jeremy Dixon's first full poetry collection A Voice Coming From Then starts from his teenage suicide attempt and expands to encompass themes of bullying, queerphobia, acceptance and support. Includes unexpected typography, collage, humour, magic, discotheques and frequent appearances from the Victorian demon, Spring-heeled Jack. Content Warning: Some poems in this book deal with themes and expressions of physical and verbal bullying, swearing, homophobia, homophobic language, queerphobia, attempted suicide and suicide. 'A moving, haunting collection that is remarkable for both its startling depictions and visual inventiveness, Jeremy Dixon brings us to the edge and says: 'listen'. I recommend you listen' - Natalie Ann Holborow 'A work of powerful vulnerability and queer resilience... holds difficult material with tenderness, precision and formal playfulness. Dixon's invocation to, 'clap and cheer and cradle your younger self' in a world where 'no system can guarantee safety' unsentimentally, but urgently, extends a hand of experience' - Caleb Parkin 'A rallying cry not just for inclusion but for love, in so many forms' - Katherine Stansfield

ISBN: 9781913665401


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