A. Cook's Perspective

A. Cook's Perspective

By Clarissa F. Dillon



Ann Cook was an 18th-century cook and cookbook author. Her cookbook was printed in three editions and contained more than just receipts. For some reason, she had a real problem with Hannah Glasse's cookbook, The Art of Cookery: Made Plain and Easy, which had been republished many times during the 18th century and would have been the first port of call for a puzzled cook or housekeeper. Cook's book included vitriolic comments about a number of Glasse's recipes. Historic cooks Clarissa F. Dillon and Deborah J. Peterson use their skills to investigate whether Cook's remarks were valid. They prepared a number of recipes, both from Glasse and from Cook, and commented on the results. Although a number of people have written about these two women, their emphasis was on the comments, not on the validity of the criticisms. This approach makes this book unique.

ISBN: 9781955041188


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