A Boy Scout Goes To Spain... and Other Stories

A Boy Scout Goes To Spain... and Other Stories

By Timothy G. Schaiberger



In the midst of the harrowing Great Depression in 1934, a significant moment unfolded, bridging two cities named Toledo-Toledo, Ohio and Toledo, Spain. A delegation from the American city embarked on a transformative journey to establish a bond of cultural exchange and ideas. Among them, my grandfather, chosen as the student representative, embarked on an adventure that would forever shape his perspective. Capturing every step of this remarkable voyage, he meticulously chronicled his experiences in an extensive journal, unknowingly documenting the events that would foreshadow the Spanish Civil War. Within these pages lies not only my grandfather's account but also the intimate records of the first two months of his World War II draft. The weighty burden of conflict descended upon him, and his journal bears witness to the trials and tribulations of that pivotal time. Additionally, my own father's personal encounter during a fateful night of the Tet Offensive during the Vietnam War finds a place within these sacred journals. This extraordinary collection weaves together the narratives of my grandfather, father, and myself-a tapestry of familial reflections, diaries, and astute observations spanning over 35 years of international events. These firsthand accounts offer a unique lens into the shifting tides of history, transporting readers through the vibrant tapestry of 1930s Spain, the tumultuous era of World War II, and the haunting echoes of the Vietnam War.

ISBN: 9798889100270


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