A Bit of Good Luck

A Bit of Good Luck

By Frank McGurk



A young man slings his duffel bag over his shoulder and begins a journey of a lifetime. In this true story, young Frank learns more in a day than all his life up to that point but, ironically, he's left with more questions than answers! Do lobsters whistle? Are sleep and driving mutually exclusive? Now, over 50 years later, Frank recalls that day, the highs and lows, the stops and starts and the emotional end to his odyssey. With his mission to meet up with his father at the opposite end of Ireland, this funny, yet poignant story paints a landscape that is fading over time and will leave you wondering where life's true characters have gone. Have they really disappeared? Or are they waiting patiently, thumbs out, waiting to be picked up again? Readers will never predict the trials and tribulations of Frank McGurk in 1960s and '70s Ireland - neither did Frank. Where exactly is no man's land? Was the smuggling run 'a washing machine too far'? And what were Frank's true dealings with the oil sheikhs from the Middle East? Potholes without the plot holes, A Bit of Good Luck (and other short stories) evoke a bygone era where a journey was an adventure, and the open road was an open mic for every character to stand up and take a bow.

ISBN: 9781398424678


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