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50 Zappiest Bible Stories

50 Zappiest Bible Stories

By Andy Robb



Bonkers dreams, people speaking in languages they don't understand, pillars of fire and cloud leading people on an epic journey, human sat-navs, a bouncing baby, and a whole lot of 'Fruit of the Spirit' (whatever that means!) - the Bible is full of amazing stories about the Holy Spirit. Sometimes when we talk about God as three in one - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - it can be a bit mind-bobbling. Who is the Holy Spirit, after all? As we'll discover, He gets up to come incredible stuff throughout the Bible, and also in and through us today! With a cliff-hanger ending to each story and a Bible hint for finding out what happened next, jump into 50 of the zappiest stories in the Bible in an unforgettable way. Ready to zap your way through the Bible? Come on in!

ISBN: 9781782596905


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