Day That Changed My Life

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The Day That Changed My Life began as a feature on, Ireland's biggest news site, with profiles of four influential women. Their stories, heartbreaking and exhilarating alike, inspired Caitlin McBride to seek out more of these extraordinary, vital moments in which women's lives changed. Here are tales which will connect with readers on a deeply emotional level, will inspire and humble them and bring understanding of how we make the decisions we do and their consequences.

Women featured include:

* Ellen O'Malley Dunlop, chair of the Women's Council of Ireland, on how she was crucial in getting the definition of consent into the Sexual Offences legislation.

* Georgie Crawford, a radio newsreader, on her breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 31 when her daughter was seven months old.

* Tara Flynn, actress and comedian, on becoming the `unofficial face' of the Repeal the 8th movement.

* Sonya Lennon, TV host and fashion designer, on how her first presenting gig hosting RTE's Off the Rails transformed her outlook on life.

There are stories of cancelled weddings and coming out, stories of leaps of faith and determined entrepreneurship. Stories too of crazy highs, such as winning the Heineken Cup or being elected into office! All are united by a strength in adversity, feelings of courage and resilience, and an ability to find humour in the darkest places.

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