A Keeper

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 304
Pub Date: 04/10/2018
ISBN: 9781473664982
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Quick overview A Dubray Staff Recommended Read. From the bestselling author of Holding comes another sweeping, evocative tale set on the coast of Ireland.
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New Yorker Elizabeth returns to Buncarragh, the small Irish town she grew up in to tidy up her late mother’s affairs. She discovers a cache of old love letters that raise questions about the father she never knew and everything she thought she knew about her family begins to unravel leaving disquieting blanks. Norton deftly weaves the strands of their lives together and shows the past can throw long shadows. Utterly gripping and darkly atmospheric, this is a stay-up-till-dawn kind of book!

- Recommended by Karina Clifford, Dubray Stillorgan

The mystery of Elizabeth Keane's father is one that has never been solved by the people of Buncarragh - not for lack of speculation. Her mother Patricia had been assumed a spinster, until she began dating a mysterious man from out of town, and within months had left Buncarragh and had married. Less than two years later, Patricia was back, with a new surname and a new baby in her arms, but no new husband by her side and unbendingly silent about her recent past. A secret she would take with her to her grave.Now, as Elizabeth returns to the village three months after her mother's funeral, bringing with her her own regrets and wounds, she finds a thin pile of ribbon-bound letters at the back of a wardrobe that may at last hold the key to her past: Dear Lonely Leinster Lady,I'm not really sure how to begin...

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