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Pete Sampras: A Champion's Mind

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In A Champion's Mind, this very private champion, who so often recoiled from letting the world 'inside his head', finally opens up.

Pippa Funnell

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The autobiography of the most successful Three Day Event rider of all time - updated for the paperback edition.

Play Winning Chess

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Poi Spinning

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Poles and Gridwork

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Position of Trust: A football dream betrayed - Shortlisted for the 2019 William Hill Sports Book of the Year

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A brave account by football's first whistle blower, breaking the silence on the scandal of sexual abuse in youth clubs and junior teams.

Power Meter Handbook

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Pressure Game Kevin McStay

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Proud: My Autobiography

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A story of a man with a secret that was slowly killing him. Something that might devastate not only his own life but the lives of his wife, family, friends and teammates. The only place where he could find any refuge from the pain and guilt of the lie he was living was on the pitch, playing the sport he loved.

Provided You Don't Kiss Me: 20 Years with Brian Clough

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'One day you'll write a book about this club. Or, more to the point, about me. So you may as well know what I'm thinking and save it up for later when it won't do any harm to anyone.'