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The Phantom of The Open: Maurice Flitcroft, the World's Worst Golfer

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When 46-year-old crane driver and former comedy stunt-diver Maurice Flitcroft chanced his way into the Open - having never before played a round of golf in his life - he ran up a record-worst score of 121. The sport's ruling classes went nuclear, and banned him for life. But he entered tournaments again and again.

Letters of Note: Football

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A collection of letters on the theme of Football, from the curator of the Letters of Note website

Never, Ever, Have I Felt So Good

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English Football League: The Complete Record

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The World Beneath Their Feet: The British, the Americans, the Nazis and the Mountaineering Race to Summit the Himalayas

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One of the most compelling international dramas of the 20th century and an unforgettable saga of survival, technological innovation, and breathtaking human physical achievement-all set against the backdrop of a world headed toward war.

You're Better Than That!: How To Fi

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Britain's most opinionated football pundit lets rip on the modern game.

Red Men: Liverpool Football Club - the Biography

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Presents a researched history of Liverpool Football Club. This title features the key figures of the club, including the side's first great manager, Tom Watson; Elisha Scott, the darling of the Kop in the 1920s; and, Bill Shankly, who won that elusive first FA Cup in 1965.

A Season with Verona

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Is Italy a united country, or a loose affiliation of warring states? Is Italian football a sport, or an ill-disguised protraction of ancient enmities? This book follows the fortunes of Hellas Verona football club, to pay a different kind of visit to some of the world's most beautiful cities.

On the Brink

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Goat: Greatest of All Time

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Universally acclaimed as the greatest sportsman of the modern era, someone who transformed not just his sport but the cultural status of athletes everywhere, Muhammad Ali towers over the 'sweet science' of boxing, almost two decades after announcing his retirement. This book reflects the scale of Ali's many achievements.