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The Sports Gene: Talent, Practice and the Truth About Success

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Offers an exploration of athletic success. This book shows why some skills that we imagine are innate are not - like the bullet-fast reactions of a baseball player - and why other characteristics that we assume are entirely voluntary, like the motivation to practice, might in fact have important genetic components.


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An exploration of the dark side of football, of Italy and of far right politics and organised crime: the hard core fans known as the ultras.
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50 Years of Shoot!

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The book comprises a selection of page lifts from back issues of the magazine, featuring everybody's favourite weekly features, such as "You Are the Ref!", "Football Funnies", "Shoot Us A Line" and "Ask The Expert", etc., and stories and action photographs from the key issues of the day.
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Extraordinarily thoughtful memoir from the former WBO middleweight champion of the world Andy Lee.
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Game Changer

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Cora Staunton is an iconic figure in the world of modern GAA. In this refreshingly candid book, Cora recalls finding refuge in the game after the death of her mother, but also speaks openly about the challenges and conflicts she and her teammates have experienced in the under-resourced world of female sport.
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One-Way Ticket: Nine Lives on Two Wheels

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ONE WAY TICKET is the story of a man and modern cycling.
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The Test: My Autobiography

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Since 1999, when he made his international debut, there has been no greater player in world rugby than Brian O'Driscoll. In 2010 Rugby World magazine named him its world player of the decade. He is now, at the end of his amazing career - which culminated with Ireland's victory in the 2014 Six Nations championship. This book tells his story.

Building the Yellow Wall

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The definitive story of the rise of Borussia Dortmund, the club that all real football fans wish theirs was like.


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A unique biography of football icon, George Best, written by journalist and broadcaster, Michael Parkinson
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The updated edition of Luca Caioli's brilliant biography of Barcelona star Lionel Messi, now covering the 2018/2019 season.
€9.99 €10.80