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Henry Cecil: Trainer of Genius

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Paperback edition of the definitive biography of Britain's greatest racehorse trainer. Winner of the Horse Racing Book of the Year at the 2014 British Sports Book Awards.

Natural Explorer: Understanding Your Landscape

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A new era of exploration is dawning... Learn how to be a more accomplished explorer and heighten your awareness of the world around you.

White Water South Alps: 65 Classic Runs for Kayaking & Rafting in France, Italy & Switzerland

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A paddling guidebook aimed at the recreational tourist kayaker, canoeist or rafter who is considering a holiday trip to the European Alps. It contains 65 classic runs in France, Italy and Switzerland. It also features over 450 km of river descriptions and a huge variety of runs.


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Full of great stories, this is the candid, humorous and sharp autobiography of England football legend Jimmy Greaves.

Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding

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Includes the basic concepts on exercise, training principles, contest preparation, diet and nutrition that have evolved into modern bodybuilding. This title answers various question bodybuilders could ask. It offers a reference and instructional manual covering various aspect of the sport.

Dead Mountain

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An accessible PB edition carrying forward the momentum of this gripping readable true life mystery/tragedy, compellingly solved by the author.

Poi Spinning

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The Climb: The Autobiography

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Tells the extraordinary story of author's journey from a young boy in Kenya, riding through townships and past wild animals, and with few opportunities for an aspiring cyclist, to his unforgettable yellow jersey victory in the 2013 Tour de France.

Notes from the Grooming Table

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The Car Book

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Offers you the information you need to know about the history of the automobile. With visual images and over 2,000 cars featured, this title tracks the evolution of the car from decade to decade and across international borders, from India's Ambassador to Italy's Alfa Romeo.