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What We Think About When We Think About Football

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What You Think You Know About Football is Wrong

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When Footballers Were Skint

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Tales from before the maximum wage for footballers was abolished in 1961, journalist Jon Henderson captures a time when footballers and fans lived in the same world.

When the World Stops Watching: Life After the Game

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Who am I now? That's the dilemma facing many elite athletes when they stop chasing their dreams and transition into retirement. Far too young for slippers and often at an age when non-sporting peers are still climbing the career ladder . . .

Where There's A Will

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Whistle Blower: My Autobiography

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The outspoken and hard-hitting autobiography of one of the most highly-rated, recognisable and controversial football referees of modern times.

Who Are Ya?: 92 Football Clubs - and Why You Shouldn't Support Them

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Written by comedian and former Match of the Day presenter Kevin Day, Who Are Ya? is a mix of comic football observation, friendly fan rivalry and quirky anecdote, featuring a foreword by Gary Lineker and a host of celebrity contributions.

Who Ate All The Pies? The Life and Times of Mick Quinn

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Mick Quinn, the boy from a Liverpool council estate dubbed 'Little Beirut', always loved his birds, booze and betting. On retirement, though, Quinn switched to horse racing, the Sport of Kings, but controversy led the blue bloods of racing to hang the scouse oik out to dry and he was suspended from training for two and a half years.