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Good Omens tv tie in

Paperback, 28/05/2019, €12.15

The Colour of Magic: Discworld Novel 1

Paperback, 21/06/2012, €12.15
In the beginning there was ...a turtle. Somewhere on the frontier between thought and reality exists the Discworld, a parallel time and place which might sound and smell very much like our own, but which looks completely different. Particularly as it's carried though space on the back of a giant turtle (sex unknown). It plays by different rules.

Long Utopia

Paperback, 29/02/2016, €12.15
2045-2059. After the cataclysmic upheavals of Step Day and the Yellowstone eruption humanity is spreading further into the Long Earth, and society, on a battered Datum Earth and beyond, continues to evolve. Now an elderly and cantankerous AI, Lobsang lives in disguise with Agnes in an exotic, far-distant world.

Raising Steam: (Discworld Novel 40)

Paperback, 09/10/2014, €12.15
It's all change for Moist von Lipwig, swindler, conman, and (naturally) head of the Royal Bank and Post Office. A steaming, clanging new invention, driven by Dick Simnel, the man with t'flat cap and t'sliding rule, is drawing astonished crowds - including a few particularly keen young men armed with notepads and very sensible rainwear.

Long Cosmos The

Paperback, 18/05/2017, €10.83
2070-71. Nearly six decades after Step Day and in the Long Earth, the new Next post-human society continues to evolve. For Joshua Valiente, now in his late sixties, it is time to take one last solo journey into the High Meggers: an adventure that turns into a disaster. Alone and facing death, his only hope of salvation lies with a group of trolls.

Good Omens

Hardback, 18/04/2019, €38.55
The hilarious end-of-the-world novel from two of the giants of fantasy fiction, now a major TV series, illustrated - for the first time ever - by Paul Kidby! With a corrected text, twelve full colour illustrations and further pencil drawings. This is the definitive edition of this much loved book.


Paperback, 25/05/2017, €10.80
Witches are odd. That much is clear to Tiffany. But she likes them... In an odd sort of way. Just as she likes Roland... In a friend sort of way. But Tiffany hasn't really got time to think about Roland, because she has accidentally danced with Winter himself - the Wintersmith. And now the Wintersmith has a bit of a crush on Tiffany.

The Long War (Long Earth 2)

Paperback, 02/06/2014, €12.15
A generation after the events of The Long Earth, mankind has spread across the new worlds opened up by Stepping. Where Joshua and Lobsang once pioneered, now fleets of airships link the stepwise Americas with trade and culture. Mankind is shaping the Long Earth - but in turn the Long Earth is shaping mankind...

Equal Rites: Discworld Novel 3

Paperback, 21/06/2012, €12.15
They say that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but it is not one half so bad as a lot of ignorance. The last thing the wizard Drum Billet did, before Death laid a bony hand on his shoulder, was to pass on his staff of power to the eighth son of an eighth son.

Hogfather: (Discworld Novel 20)

Paperback, 06/06/2013, €12.15
Susan had never hung up a stocking. She'd never put a tooth under her pillow in the serious expectation that a dentally inclined fairy would turn up. It wasn't that her parents didn't believe in such things. They didn't need to believe in them. They know they existed. They just wished they didn't.