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The Irish Aesthete: Ruins of Ireland

Hardback, 12/02/2019, €23.00
Go on a journey with Robert O'Byrne as he brings fascinating Irish ruins to life.

Luggala: The Story of a Guinness House

Hardback, 11/09/2018, €47.30
Luggala explores 'the scandals, intrigues, and heartbreaking beauty of one of Ireland's grandest homes" (Mitchell Owens, Wall Street Journal) that has bewitched the imagination of poets, rock stars, dreamers and the aristocracy alike.

The Dress Code: A Man's Guide to Flawless Style

Hardback, 11/09/2018, €12.95
Want to know whether to match your belt with your shoes or how to establish a regular grooming regime? The timeless advice in this book will help any man master classic style.

The Perfectly-groomed Gentleman

Hardback, 10/10/2013, €13.35
Everything a gentleman should know about maintaining his appearance.

The Perfectly Behaved Gentleman: Sage Advice for the Well-rounded Man

Hardback, 09/10/2014, €9.99
In The Perfectly Behaved Gentleman, Robert O'Byrne teaches the aspiring gent how to handle any occasion, whether it be a social engagement or something more formal, allowing him to present a sophisticated well-behaved front to anyone he may encounter.

Luggala Days

Hardback, 18/10/2012, €19.99
Explore the unique beauty of Ireland's most fascinating house Hidden inside a secluded Irish valley lies Luggala, an exquisite eighteenth-century house at the centre of a 5,000-acre estate.

Romantic Irish Homes

Paperback, 12/02/2013, €19.50
Irish houses have a character and personality quite different from that found anywhere else. No wonder, therefore, that over the centuries Ireland's domestic architecture and interior design have developed a distinctive personality in which colour and vivacity are highly prized. Romantic Irish Homes presents 15 of the finest examples.

Romantic English Homes

Hardback, 28/02/2017, €40.55
Romantic English Homes is an inspirational collection of truly timeless houses.