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Simpy Delicious: The Classic Collection

Hardback, 25/09/2018, €25.95
The best 100 recipes from Darina Allen's iconic Simply Delicious books fully revised and updated with new photography. From soups and starters to her favourite desserts, Darina covers meat, poultry, fish and vegetable dishes that have stood the test of time over the nearly 30 years since the books were originally published.

Grow, Cook, Nourish

Hardback, 14/09/2017, €38.55
Growing your own food is exciting but, when it comes to knowing how to make the most of your produce, it can be daunting.

Darina Allen's Ballymaloe Cookery Course

Hardback, 23/10/2007, €50.00
A cookbook that includes changes in shopping habits and the growth of Farmer's markets, along with information on traceability, organic box schemes and internet shopping.

A Simply Delicious Christmas

Hardback, 24/10/2014, €37.85
In this beautiful new 25th anniversary edition, you will find photography to accompany many of the dishes, classics just as you remember them, updates to a number of the dishes and the addition of many new recipes.

Ballymaloe Cookery Course

Hardback, 25/10/2007, €47.30
Explains 1175 recipes, 370 variations and more than 100 basic skills, from making pastry to the art of carving, from preserving lemons to making delicious home-made pasta, from culturing creamy yogurt to butterflying a leg of lamb.

Forgotten Skills of Cooking: The Time-honoured Ways are the Best - Over 700 Recipes Show You Why

Hardback, 12/11/2009, €47.30
A guide to traditional cookery skills with over 700 recipes. It includes chapters such as 'Dairy', 'Fish', 'Bread' and 'Preserving'. It explains processes such as smoking mackerel, curing bacon and making yogurt and butter. It also includes ideas for using forgotten cut of meat, baking bread and cakes and even eating food from the wild.

Simply Delicious Recipes

Paperback, 05/04/2001, €10.99
This is a collection of all the 'Simply Delicious' recipes in one edition.

Irish Traditional Cooking

Hardback, 15/03/2012, €33.80
Features 300 traditional dishes and 100 recipes. This book includes tips, tales, historical insights and common Irish customs, many of which have been passed down from one generation to the next. It also includes chapters on Broths and Soups, Fish, Game, Vegetables and Cakes and Biscuits.

One Pot Feeds All

Hardback, 19/09/2019, €25.95
Classic and contemporary one-dish recipes - from roasting tray dinners to casserole stews - taking in pots, pans and even the odd tagine