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Hardback, 29/05/1997, €9.45
Suitable for babies and parents, this title features a series of holes peeping through to the next page that leads the child on to the next stage in the day, giving a hint of what is to come.

The Jolly Christmas Postman

Hardback, 13/09/2011, €17.55
It's Christmas Eve and the Jolly Postman is delivering greetings to various fairy-tale characters - there's a card for Baby Bear, a game appropriately called 'Beware' for Red Riding Hood from Mr Wolf, a get-well jigsaw for hospitalised Humpty Dumpty and three more surprise envelopes containing letters, cards, etc.

The Jolly Postman or Other People's Letters

Hardback, 30/09/1999, €17.55
The Jolly Postman delivers cards and letters to various fairy-tale characters. He has a letter of apology for the three bears from Goldilocks, a postcard from Jack for the giant, a solicitor's letter on behalf of Little Red Riding-Hood for the wolf who ate grandma, and so on.

The Baby's Catalogue

Hardback, 07/06/2012, €9.45
Suitable for your babies or toddlers, this title fills with easily recognizable objects.

Baby's Big Box of Little Books

01/01/2015, €12.95
Includes everything that is familiar to a young child. This book features iconic illustrations that present a vast array of baby paraphernalia that should be instantly recognizable and absorbing to a young child.

Children Who Smelled a Rat

Paperback, 01/06/2018, €8.10

Baby on Board

Hardback, 07/06/2018, €17.55


Paperback, 28/03/2011, €9.45
Suitable for new babies and parents, this title continues to delight generations of babies and toddlers and their parents. It follows a baby through the day in a style full of wit, charm and ingenuity.

Cat Who Got Carried Away

Paperback, 01/06/2018, €8.10

Burglar Bill

Paperback, 25/01/1979, €9.45
Who's that creeping down the street? Who's that climbing up the wall? Who's that coming through the window? Who's that? It's Burglar Bill. This title is suitable for children learning to read.