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100 Poems

Hardback, 28/06/2018, €14.85
Seamus Heaney had the idea to form a personal selection of poems from across the entire arc of his writing life, small yet comprehensive enough to serve as an introduction for all comers. But now, finally, the project has been returned to, resulting in an intimate gathering of poems chosen and introduced by the Heaney family.

Seeing Things

Paperback, 03/06/1991, €14.85
This collection of Seamus Heaney's work, especially in the series of 12-line poems entitled "Squarings", shows he is ready to re-imagine experience and "to credit marvels". The title poem is typical in that it begins with memories of an actual event, then moves towards the visionary.

Opened Ground: Poems, 1966-96

Paperback, 07/09/1998, €25.70
A reissue of Heaney's "New Selected Poems 1966-1987", which has been expanded to include work from two subsequent collections, "Seeing Things" and the award-winning "The Spirit Level", as well as poems not previously published.

Beowulf: A New Translation

Paperback, 02/10/2000, €14.85
Composed towards the end of the first millennium of our era, the Anglo-Saxon poem "Beowulf" is a Northern epic and a classic of European literature. In this new translation, Seamus Heaney has produced a work that is true, line by line, to the original poem.

Death of a Naturalist

Paperback, 06/04/2006, €14.85
Reissues Seamus Heaney's collection, which on its appearance in 1966 won the Cholmondeley Award, the E C Gregory Award, the Somerset Maugham Award, and the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize.

New and Selected Poems

20/11/2014, €16.90
More than any other poet since Wordsworth, the author can make us understand that the outside world is not outside, but what we are made of.

Human Chain

Paperback, 02/06/2011, €14.85
Elicits continuities and solidarities, between husband and wife, child and parent, inside an intently remembered present - the stepping stones of the day, the weight and heft of what is passed from hand to hand, lifted and lowered. This title broaches larger questions of transmission, as lifelines to the inherited past.

The Rattle Bag: An Anthology of Poetry

Paperback, 17/03/2005, €23.00
With writers ranging from Shakespeare and Blake to Sylvia Plath and T S Eliot, this title brings together an inspired and diverse selection, ranging from undisputed masterpieces to rare discoveries, as well as drawing upon works in translation and traditional poems from oral cultures.

The Spirit Level

Paperback, 06/05/1996, €14.85
A collection of poems from the winner of the 1995 Nobel Prize for Literature. The poems discover the possibility of a new beginning in many subjects and circumstances. Private memories, classical scenes and humble domestic objects are endowed with talismanic significance and friends and relatives are invoked for their promise and steadfastness.


Paperback, 03/01/1998, €14.85
Brief poems consider sunlight, myths, death, the past, ancient rituals, courtship, dreams, and justice.