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Hearing Voices

Paperback, 01/06/2019, €29.95

The Doctor Who Sat for a Year

Paperback, 01/03/2019, €17.00
This is the journal of a self-confessed `Zen failure' who believes there is much to be said for sitting quietly but soon realises that there are also many distractions. The Doctor Who Sat for a Year is a funny, thoughtful and inspiring book about embracing both mediation and our imperfections.

Ada English: Patriot and Psychiatrist

Paperback, 30/09/2014, €31.10

Mental Health In Ireland

Paperback, 28/09/2017, €29.95
Provides a clear overview of common mental illnesses and explains mental health policy and services in Ireland, how to access care and community support, the rules governing involuntary mental health care, and the underpinnings of happiness and well-being in Ireland today.