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I Confess

Paperback, 22/08/2019, €17.55
An addictive and twisty standalone psychological thriller from the bestselling Alex Barclay. When a group of friends attend a reunion on a remote island off the coast of Ireland, their journey into the past forces them to confront long-buried secrets. But will they ever make it off the island alive?

Blood Runs Cold

Paperback, 19/05/2016, €12.15
Kidnap and murder collide in Alex Barclay's heart-stopping new thriller featuring FBI Agent Ren Bryce.


Paperback, 19/05/2016, €13.50
In The Sunday Times bestselling novel `Darkhouse', Alex Barclay took you on a terrifying excursion to hell and back. In `The Caller', she leaves you stranded there...

Harm's Reach

Paperback, 22/09/2014, €12.15
FBI Agent Ren Bryce finds herself entangled in two seemingly unrelated mysteries. But the past has a way of echoing down the years and finding its way into the present.

Killing Ways

Paperback, 23/11/2015, €12.15
Dark times lie ahead for Special Agent Ren Bryce and the Rocky Mountains Safe Streets Task Force in the heart-stopping new thriller from the bestselling author of DARKHOUSE and BLOOD LOSS.

Drowning Child The

Paperback, 19/12/2016, €13.50
The heart-stopping new thriller in the Ren Bryce series by Alex Barclay, bestselling author of DARKHOUSE and KILLING WAYS.

Time of Death

Paperback, 22/07/2010, €12.15
Alex Barclay is back with another stunning Ren Bryce FBI thriller

Blood Loss

Paperback, 25/10/2012, €12.15
FBI agent Ren Bryce takes on her most heart-wrenching case yet when a father's work places his young daughter in terrible danger...