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Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds and Shape Our Futures

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Entangled Life is a mind-altering journey into this hidden kingdom of life, and shows that fungi are key to understanding the planet on which we live, and the ways we think, feel and behave.

Erin's Diary: An Official Derry Girls Book

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The hilarious tie-in to the brilliant, award-winning Channel 4 comedy Derry Girls.
€9.99 €22.95

Word Perfect: Etymological Entertainment For Every Day of the Year

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The perfect present for word-lovers: a word for every day of the year.
€17.99 €20.25

Concise English-Irish Dictionary

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Simplex 150

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All newly published in book form, Simplex 150 has been compiled by Mary O' Brien, who has been setting the Simplex crossword for more than 20 years

The Almanac: A Seasonal Guide to 2021

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The fourth instalment of the original and bestselling Almanac.
€12.99 €14.85

How to Save Your Planet One Object at a Time

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A stylish guide to 100 everyday objects that you can change to make a positive difference to the planet.
€19.99 €22.95

Never Split The Difference

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After a stint policing Kansas City, the author joined the FBI, where his career as a kidnapping negotiator brought him face-to-face with bank robbers, gang leaders and terrorists. This book takes you inside his world of high-stakes negotiations, revealing the nine key principles that can help negotiators succeed when it matters the most.

Rules of the Road 2019 Edition

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Official Rules of the Road for Ireland, from the Road Safety Authority. Clear, concise and complete.

The Stairlift Ascends ...: Tweets from a Covid Cocoon

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Cocooning with her ninety-year-old Aunt is not the life Helen imagined when she came home to Dublin after 30 years in London. Bickering, bitching, masking-up for rare outings, The Stairlift Ascends is a Twitter diary of our time trying to live together, surviving the pandemic: and each other!