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Ordnance Survey Ireland Puzzle Book

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Due out 17th October 2019. With over forty maps accompanied by quizzes, puzzles and fun facts, The Ordnance Survey Ireland Puzzle Book is a fun way to get your brain working, to learn more about Ireland and to challenge yourself and your friends and family.
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Sudoku on the Loo

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At home or in the office, for many of us the only time we get a quiet moment is on the loo. Sudoko on the Loo will help you entertain yourself and keep your brain active in those precious spare moments. So, pick up your trusty pen and get puzzling in peace.

The Elements of Style

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This style manual offers practical advice on improving writing skills. This 'little' book can help students communicate more effectively, showing them how to enliven their sentences, put statements in the positive form and write in a clear and simple style.

We Should All Be Feminists: The Desk Diary 2021

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A beautiful hardback, elastic hinged desk diary with a week to a view alongside an inspiring and powerful quote or a photograph of Chimamanda and a brand-new introduction from her.
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You've Passed!: A Practical Guide t

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A concise and clear book, preparing student drivers for their driving tests and beyond. Learn the requirements of the RSA driving test, as well as common mistakes and most common reasons for being failed. Kathleen Comerford educates and encourages you towards thoughtful and safe driving, making Ireland's roads safer both for you and others.

100 Children's Books

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From the author of 100 Books That Changed The World, a definitive collection of the most beloved, original, inspiring, hysterical, heart-warming, compelling, rude and downright scary books that have enchanted children the world over.
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Babel: Around the World in 20 Languages

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Beginning Theory

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