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Get Started in Writing a Novel

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A new edition of one of our most popular and successful creative writing titles, rebranded, reformatted and updated to meet the specifications of our relaunched series.

Getting Published: The Essential Irish Guide

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Gifts of Reading

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Gladys Aylward: The Little Woman

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Glyph: A Visual Exploration of Punctuation Marks and Other Typographic Symbols

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Glyph is a visual exploration of marks and glyphs in the Latin alphabet - some that we use every day, and some of which have been virtually lost in the sands of time

Go!Games Mega Word Search Challenge

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Golden Flea The

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Good Brexiteers Guide to English Lit, The

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What is Nigel Farage's favourite novel? Why do Brexiteers love Sherlock Holmes? Is Philip Larkin the best Brexit poet ever? In this irreverent and entertaining new guide, John Sutherland quarries the great literary minds of English history to assemble the ultimate reading list for Brexiteers.

Good Story

Availability: 10-12 Day Delivery
Focusses on the human inclination to make up stories between a Nobel Prize-winning writer and a psychotherapist. In this book the authors, consider psychotherapy and its wider social context from different perspectives, but at the heart of both their approaches is a concern with stories.