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The Seminar of Jacques Lacan: Bk. 20: On Feminine Sexuality, the Limits of Love and Knowledge

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In his psycholinguistic exploration of the relationship between the desire for love and the attainment of knowledge, Jacques Lacan leads into an new way of interpreting the two most fundamental human drives.

The Social Animal: A Story of How Success Happens

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David Brooks weaves a vast array of new research into the lives of two fictional characters, revealing a fundamental new understanding of human nature. He outlines a new definition of success, highlighting what economists call non-cognitive skills - those hidden qualities that can't be easily measured, but which lead to happiness and fulfilment.

The Sociology Book

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Part of the popular Big Ideas series, this book introduces you to the subject that tells you all about what society is and what makes it tick. It includes over 80 ideas from the world's renowned sociologists, covering topics as diverse as issues of equality, diversity, identity and human rights; the effects of globalization; and more.

The Story of an African Farm

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The Tao of Nature

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Examines the nature of existence, from the battle to grasp the purpose of life to the search for knowledge. This title describes perfection, perception, the value of skills and the truth revealed by complete understanding.

The Tidal Model: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals

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Based on extensive research, 'The Tidal Model' charts the development of this model of care, outlining its theoretical basis and including clinical examples to show the benefits of encouraging the client's greater involvement in their treatment.

The Time Paradox: Using the New Psychology of Timeto Your Advantage

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Every significant choice, every important decision we make, is determined by our perception of time. This is the most influential force in our lives, yet we are virtually unaware of it. This work shows how you can change the way you perceive time, so you get the most out of every minute.

The Tools Whole Life Programme

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Helps us overcome the side of us that is destructive and negative (the side of us that the authors called our Part X) to find a deep level of happiness and fulfilment. This book helps break Part X's four main negative influences in our lives, namely: Destructive impulses; Exhaustion and apathy; Negative thoughts and demoralisation; Pain and hurt.

The Trauma of Everyday Life

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Trauma does not just happen to a few unlucky people; it is the bedrock of our psychology. Death and illness touch us all, but even the everyday sufferings of loneliness and fear are traumatic. This title uncovers the transformational potential of trauma, revealing how it can be used for the mind's own development.