Positive Living

Self Acceptance

Hardback, 02/05/2019, €20.30
Bestselling author Dr Harry Barry explores our relentless pursuit of perfect and provides a new language for promoting positive mental health.

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

Paperback, 02/05/2019, €12.95


Paperback, 22/03/2019, €17.00
Fragile explores the reasons why so many people feel more anxious, overwhelmed and stressed than ever and with a series of simple thinking tools, helps the reader to move forward to a place where they can experience challenges to their mental health and yet feel adequately empowered to address their issues.

The Positive Habit: 6 Steps for Transforming Negative Thoughts into Positive Emotions

Paperback, 22/02/2019, €17.00
In The Positive Habit Fiona Brennan explains that there are six core positive emotions that are central to our long-term happiness and well-being - Love, Joy, Gratitude, Confidence, Calmness and Hope – and the good news is these can all be cultivated so we can transform negative thoughts into positive feelings.


Hardback, 04/04/2019, €12.95


Paperback, 28/12/2017, €12.15
Fearne Cotton draws on her own personal experiences in this simple, friendly and bestselling guide to finding happiness, featuring Fearne's charming hand drawn illustrations throughout.

A New Earth: Create a Better Life

Paperback, 01/01/2009, €12.95
Offers a spiritual framework for people to move beyond themselves in order to make this world a better, more spiritually evolved place to live.

The Burnout Solution: 12 Weeks to a Calmer You

Hardback, 07/12/2018, €17.00
The Burnout Solution offers a step-by-step path through feelings of stress and anxiety towards renewed clarity of mind and an ability to prioritise the important things in life. Learn the beauty of saying no, rethink your boundaries, find your `non-negotiables' and regain your power, passion and sense of purpose.

Moment of Lift

Hardback, 23/04/2019, €20.30
A debut from Forbes' third most powerful woman in the world, Melinda Gates, a timely and necessary call to action for women's empowerment.