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Understand Physics: Teach Yourself

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Universe in Your Hand

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An instant popular science classic that explains the mysteries of physics for readers of all ages

Universe Manual

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This book brings together the many fascinating theories of our universe, from the earliest philosophies to today's cutting-edge scientific discoveries. Collectively it aims to explain the origin and evolution of the universe at large, the processes by which planetary systems form, and the chances of life being ubiquitous beyond our own planet.

Universe Speaks in Numbers

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Many of the world's leading physicists are confident that they are on track to discover a new understanding of the universe which will entail a complete rethink of gravity, space and time. What is extraordinary is that they are achieving these breakthroughs through thought alone.

Universe: Exploring the Astronomical World - Midi format

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A gorgeous exploration of the ways in which humans have documented the beauty of the cosmos - in a new compact edition

Universe: The Definitive Visual Guide

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Unknown Universe

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A groundbreaking and state-of-the-art guide to the Universe and how our latest deep space discoveries are forcing us to revisit what we know, and what we don't.

Unravelling the Double Helix

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An engaging and original history of the first hundred years of DNA, one of the greatest triumphs of modern science.