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The Order of Time

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There Is No Planet B

Escaping to Planet B to avoid environmental catastrophe is pure fantasy. This book is for anyone who yearns for a realistic alternative to the destructive path the world is on at the moment, and wants practical advice on how they can make things better.

To Be a Machine

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A Dubray Staff Recommended Read... In To Be a Machine, Mark O'Connell presents us with the first full-length exploration of transhumanism: its philosophical and scientific roots, its key players and possible futures.
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What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions

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Science's most intriguing questions answered by the web's favourite writer, the genius behind Munroe's hilarious and compelling answers explain everything from the odds of meeting your one true soulmate to how many humans a rampaging T-Rex would need to eat a day.

50 Maths Ideas You Really Need to Know

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50 concise essays explaining the mathematical laws and principles that underpin our world.

Guns, Germs and Steel: A Short History of Everbody for the Last 13000 Years

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This work abandons the conventional distinctions between history and science. Diamond focuses on what ancient people were endowed with in the way of land, animals and plants, and on the confrontations between less and more advanced people to see how this led to today's inequalities.

Letters from an Astrophysicist

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Join the galactic conversation on the biggest issues in the universe `Don't fear change. But if you've got plenty of that, then you have nothing to fear at all' - Neil deGrasse TysonNeil deGrasse Tyson is arguably the most influential, acclaimed scientist on the planet.
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The Maths Book

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Hollywood Wants to Kill You: The Pe

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The hilarious new popular science book from the bestselling authors of the Sunday Times Book of the Year Science(ish)
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Numbers in Minutes

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The quickest explanation of maths, in 200 essential numbers.
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