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Atlas of Irish History

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The Atlas of Irish History tells the story of the Irish past in graphic cartography, beautifully rendered and augmented by an authoritative text. It is an essential basic reference tool for any student of the Irish past.

Atlas of the Irish Revolution

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The Atlas of the Irish Revolution draws together existing and ongoing new research into the revolutionary period in a broad ranging and inclusive manner. It includes contributions from leading scholars across a range of disciplines

Ireland: A Voice among the Nations

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Irish Rebellions

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The Irish rebellions through the years of Irish history beginning with the 1798 rebellion told through illustration and word. These engaging illustrations will bring to life some of the most pivotal events in Irish history. This illustrated history book will examine the rebellions of Ireland with a focus on the principal figures involved.

Kilmainham Gaol: Pocket History

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From its opening in 1796 to finally closing its doors in 1924, Kilmainham Gaol has held an iconic place in Irish history.

Protestant And Irish

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A History of the Irish Language: From the Norman Invasion to Independence

This book traces the history of the Irish language from the time of the Norman invasion to independence. Aidan Doyle addresses both the shifting position of Irish in society and the important internal linguistic changes that have taken place, and combines political, cultural, and linguistic history.

A Nation and Not a Rabble: The Irish Revolution 1913-23

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Climate and society in Ireland: from prehistory to the present

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Can a long-term perspective on human adaptations to climate change inform Ireland's response to the crisis we face today? Climate and Society in Ireland is a collection of essays, commissioned by the Royal Irish Academy, that provides a multi-period, interdisciplinary perspective on one of the most important challenges currently facing humanity.