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The Transformation of Ireland 1900-2000

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Presents the history of Ireland (1900-2000). This book examines politics and political parties. It deals with the North in a comprehensive way, focusing on the social and cultural aspects, not just the obvious political and religious divisions.

1916: The Easter Rising

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An account of the events, personalities and repercussions of the Irish rebellion

A History of Ireland in 100 Words

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A Pocket History of Northern Ireland

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Covering all aspects of the beginnings of Northern Ireland as a separate state, to gerrymandering and World War II, and on to the emergence of the Troubles and finally peace, this book is a guide to all the dramatic events in Northern Ireland over the past 100 years.

Anatomy of a Killing: Life and Death on a Divided Island

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The untold story of an IRA unit, and a killing that has echoed across the decades.
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Bray and North Wicklow: Gateway to the Garden

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Fake News and the Irish War of Independence

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Fatal Path

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Presents a magisterial narrative of the most turbulent decade in Anglo-Irish history: a decade of unleashed passions that came close to destroying the parliamentary system and to causing civil war in the United Kingdom.

Galway c1200 to c1900

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This map shows historic Galway plotted onto a detailed modern base. Over 200 sites and streets,many of which no longer survive in the present-day are depicted in colour and listed in an accompanying index. An attached booklet contains a commentary on the urban development of Galway and gives a chronological list of sites included on the map.

Hell Or Some Place Worse

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A fascinating new insight into the epic conflicts between Spain's Philip III and Elizabeth I of England, culminating in the Spanish invasion of Ireland, the fateful Battle of Kinsale and the downfall of the Gaelic insurgent chieftains O'Neill and O'Donnell.