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A History of Ireland in 100 Words

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A Pocket History of Northern Ireland

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Covering all aspects of the beginnings of Northern Ireland as a separate state, to gerrymandering and World War II, and on to the emergence of the Troubles and finally peace, this book is a guide to all the dramatic events in Northern Ireland over the past 100 years.

An Illustrated History of the Irish Revolution, 1916-1923

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Fake News and the Irish War of Independence

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Old Ways, Old Secrets: Pagan Ireland: Myth * Landscape * Tradition

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Today's Ireland has never lost the link with its pagan past, never forgotten the old ways. This book reveals the hidden world of pagan Ireland, showing it still exists among the people and in the landscape where it belongs.

St Stephens Green

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The Origins of the Irish

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The first book in nearly a century to explore and satisfactorily explain how and when the Irish people came into being, now available in B-format paperback.

A Brief History of the Celts

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For centuries, the Celts held sway in Europe. Even after their conquest by the Romans, their culture remained vigorous, ensuring that much of it endured to feed an endless fascination with Celtic history and myths, artwork and treasures. This book presents an overview of their world. It discusses the Celts' mysterious origins and early history.

A History of Ireland in 250 Episodes

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A magisterial survey of Irish history from the end of the ice age to the peace settlement in Northern Ireland.

A Pocket History of the 1916 Rising

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This book explains what happened in the years before and after the Rising, as well as providing an exciting day-by-day account of the events themselves, and biographies of the leading figures