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Thirty-Two Words for Field

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A lyrical reminder of Ireland's lost words that offer a different way of seeing the world.

The Arms Crisis of 1970: The Plot that Never Was

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A serious, revisionist history of the most notorious court case in postwar Irish history: two Irish cabinet ministers, alongside an army officer and other figures, were accused by the Taoiseach of smuggling arms to the IRA in Northern Ireland.
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The Irish Assassins: Conspiracy, Revenge and the Murders that Stunned an Empire

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Conspiracy, Revenge and the Murders that Stunned an Empire.
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Approximate Fromality: Morphology of Irish Towns

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The First Irish Cities: An Eighteenth-century Transformation

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The untold story of a group of Irish cities and their remarkable development before the age of industrialization

One Man's Terrorist: A Political History of the IRA

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A history of "the Troubles": the radical politics of Republicanism.
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Ireland's Forgotten Past: A History of the Overlooked and Disremembered

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An original and irreverent retelling of overlooked stories from Irish history, hailed by Sebastian Barry as 'a stirring atlas of Irishness'

Old Ways, Old Secrets: Pagan Ireland: Myth * Landscape * Tradition

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Today's Ireland has never lost the link with its pagan past, never forgotten the old ways. This book reveals the hidden world of pagan Ireland, showing it still exists among the people and in the landscape where it belongs.