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Weight Of Feathers

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What are You Like?

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When Maria turns twenty, she falls in love. She is in the wrong town and he is the wrong sort of man. Going through his things, she finds a photo of herself when she was twelve years old. She has the same smile, but she is wearing the wrong clothes: she is the same, only different. This novel follows the lives of Maria and the girl in the picture.

When All is Said

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A Dubray Staff Recommended Read. Five toasts, five people, five memories.

When Love Takes Over

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Where Are We Now?

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A topical novel about lost love, growing older and the realities of life in a society that is still coming to terms with thirty years of violence, some of that violence still very present and dangerous.

Where Have You Been?

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Ranging from urgently contemporary London and Dublin to New York's Lower East Side in the nineteenth century, from dark comedy to poignancy, from the wryly provocative to the quietly beautiful, this title includes stories that offer a gathering of dreamers and lost souls who contend with the confusions of living.

wheres larry this time

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Follow Larry the Leprechaun around Ireland, and see if you can find him in Belfast, the Skelligs or viking Dublin!

Wild Quiet

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This riverrun edition includes the hitherto uncollected works by one of the twentieth century's most celebrated writers.
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Winter Papers Volume 6 2020

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