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The Amusements

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The rich, resonant and intricate debut novel from an award-winning short story writer
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Contains stories that show us truants, seducers, gossips, rally-drivers, generous hostesses, corrupt politicians, failing priests, amateur theologians, struggling musicians, moony adolescents, victims of domestic brutishness, sentimental aunts and poets, patriots earnest or cynical, and people striving to get by.

The Cambridge Centenary Ulysses: The 1922 Text with Essays and Notes

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James Joyce's Ulysses is considered one of the greatest novels of the twentieth century. This new edition - published to celebrate the book's first publication - helps readers to understand the pleasures of this monumental work and to grapple with its challenges.
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The Trial of Lotta Rae

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Lotta Rae is a young working-class woman who is viciously attacked by a wealthy gentleman. Lotta's family are firm believers in justice, and she makes the brave decision to testify in court against her attacker. The guardians of justice support her, or so it seems.
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Leonard and Hungry Paul

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LEONARD AND HUNGRY PAUL is the story of two friends who ordinarily would remain uncelebrated. They change the world differently to the rest of us: we try and change it by effort and force; they change it by discovering the small things they can do well and offering them to others.
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Capturing a single day in the life of Dubliner Leopold Bloom, his friends Buck Mulligan and Stephen Dedalus, his wife Molly, and a cast of supporting characters, the author pushes Celtic lyricism and vulgarity to splendid extremes.

Hearts and Bones: Love Songs for Late Youth

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The debut of an exciting new voice in Irish fiction, Hearts and Bones: Love Songs for Late Youth is a collection of songlike stories about love in all its forms, and about what it is to look back on the lost loves of our past. Witty, sharply observed, and often terribly moving, these stories ask who we are now that we've brought the old gods down.
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Darkly comic, touching and at times profoundly sad. Graham Norton employs his acerbic wit to breathe life into a host of lovable characters, and explore - with searing honesty - the complexities and contradictions that make us human
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Vinegar Hill

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From the bestselling author of Brooklyn, Colm Toibin's first collection of poetry explores travel, sexuality, religion and family.
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Breaking Point

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A gripping and emotional story of a woman pushed to breaking point from an exciting new voice in fiction. Edel Coffey is a well known Irish journalist and this is her debut novel.
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