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We Don't Know Ourselves: A Personal History of Ireland Since 1958

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Dubray Staff Recommended Read.. A sharp and insightful analysis of a changing Ireland as seen through the eyes of this veteran reporter.’ – Adrian, Blackrock Fintan O'Toole - Ireland's leading public intellectual and author of Heroic Failure - tells a history of Ireland in his own time.
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With exclusive access to the Haughey archives, Gary Murphy presents a reassessment of Charles Haughey's life and legacy.
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Keep Calm and Trust the Science: An Extraordinary Year in the Life of an Immunologist

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What is life like at the edge of science in a pandemic? World renowned immunologist Professor Luke O’Neill tells all, sharing his diaries from the front-line of the scientific fight for a vaccine as the world grappled with Covid 19.

Returning Light

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A rare insight into a rare job: only five people in the world work as a warden on Skellig Michael. Lyrically written and beautifully observed, it is packed with tales of close encounters with the natural life on and around the island. A behind-the-scenes look at daily life on a UNESCO World Heritage site.
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A Life in Trauma: Memoirs of an Emergency Physician

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A frank, remarkable account of a career spent helping others, sometimes at a painful personal cost, and ultimately offers a positive outlook on the potential of Ireland's healthcare system in the future.

Tea for One

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Alice began to wonder how best to handle living alone, whether by choice or due to extenuating circumstances, and to document her progress though this most extraordinary year. This is her journey.

Beyond the Tape

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Gas Man

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A Dubray Staff Recommended Read... 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... That's about as far as you get, counting backwards, as you wait for surgery to begin - and that's all most people know about what I do.
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