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The Telegraph Killer Sudoku: 1

Availability: 10-12 Day Delivery
A collection of killer sudoku from the Telegraph. It features 200 killer sudoku grids that allow you to hone your puzzling skills on your commute, during your leisure time or whenever you have a spare minute!

Essential Bushcraft

Availability: 10-12 Day Delivery
The essentials of Ray Mears' bestselling BUSHCRAFT in an accessible and portable format.

AA Know Your Road Signs

Availability: 10-12 Day Delivery
Covers warning signs; regulatory signs; speed limit signs; low bridge signs; level crossing signs; tram signs, bus and cycle signs; pedestrian zone signs; on-street parking; traffic calming; motorway signs; direction and tourist signs; signs for cyclists and pedestrians; information signs; and tidal flow lane control.

Sewing For Dummies

Availability: 10-12 Day Delivery
Learning how to sew and how to choose the tools and supplies to begin sewing can be confusing, but Sewing For Dummies, 3rd Edition guides readers through the process. This book provides 25% new and revised content including updated projects, more step-by-step illustrations, a refreshed colour insert and additional how-to graphics.

Penguin Writer's Manual

Availability: In Stock
With usage notes including details of common pitfalls and how to avoid them, the author presents the reader with advice on how to write essays, letters, speeches and CVs. This book is a complete guide to every aspect of the art of writing.

Times Killer Su Doku 6

Availability: 10-12 Day Delivery
This sixth and toughest addition to the successful Times Killer Su Doku series will test your skills to the limit, adding the challenge of arithmetic and taking Su Doku to a new and even deadlier level of difficulty.

Times 2 Jumbo Crossword 6: 60 of the World's Biggest Puzzles from the Times 2

Availability: 10-12 Day Delivery
The Times2 Jumbo Crossword is a super-sized challenge for crossword lovers, selected by the times2 Crossword Editor John Grimshaw.

Difficult Conversations

Availability: 10-12 Day Delivery
A practical and easy-to-follow guide to building confidence in your communication and relationship skills.

The Penguin Sudoku Challenge: v. 1

Availability: 10-12 Day Delivery
Presents sudoku puzzles for three different levels - beginner, moderate and fist-clenchingly tricky.

How Steam Locomotives Really Work

Availability: 10-12 Day Delivery
Describing the anatomy and physiology of the steam train, this work covers engine design, converting fuel into mechanical traction, and the function and design of the various components of the engine.