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Simplex Crosswords from The Irish Times

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Appearing daily in the Irish Times for over forty years, the Simplex crossword has attracted a devoted following.

The Irish Bride's Survival Guide

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So you are getting married, and you want the Big Day to be perfect? Well, look no further! The only up to date guide to getting married in Ireland - this book has it all! Fully updated edition containing brand new material

The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You'll Ever Need

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THE ADVENTURES OF JOHNNY BUNKO is a business book in the Japanese comic format known as manga

Don'ts for Mothers

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Don'ts for Mothers is full of entertaining tips on on how to look after and raise a child - if you'd like a little Victorian master or miss...

What it Takes to Become a Chess Master: Chess Strategies That Get Results

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A quirky but useful exploration of the qualities chess masters have that you don't, and how to acquire them.

Improve Your Play at Trump Contracts

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An expert card player's advice on how to maximise tricks when playing as declarer in a trump contract.

Perfect CV

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Suitable for anyone who's applying for jobs, this book explains what recruiters are looking for, gives practical advice about how to show yourself in your best light, and provides real-life examples to help you improve your CV.

Thrifty Ways For Modern Days

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This extraordinary book is based on the collective wisdom of the scores of contributors to the MoneySaving Old-Style section of - the award-winning, trend-setting website which, in less than four years, has attracted over one million UK users a month.


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This is a concise handbook full of playwrighting experience. Spencer presents a coherent way of thinking about playwriting that addresses the important principles of structure, includes writing exercises that build upon one another, and trouble-shoots recurrent problems that playwrights face.

Texas Hold 'Em Poker: Begin and Win

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How to play Texas Hold 'Em Poker for beginners, all the terms, definitions, etiquette and rules you need.