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Dominion: The Making of the Western Mind

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A revisionist, controversial account of Western history, sure to be widely reviewed and debated.
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A Short History of Europe

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Erebus: The Story of a Ship

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It's a fascinating story that [Palin] brings full-bloodedly to life.' Guardian `This is an incredible book . Carefully researched and well-crafted, it brings the story of a ship vividly to life.' Sunday Times`A great story .
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Stuff that Changed the World

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The Patient Assassin

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A gripping story of a twenty-year quest for revenge after one of the most horrific Raj atrocities.
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Game of Birds and Wolves: The Secret Game that Won the War

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'Find out what is happening in the Atlantic, find ways of getting the convoys through, and sink the U-boats!' Prime Minster, Winston Churchill
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Storm of Steel

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A memoir of astonishing power, savagery and ashen lyricism that illuminates the horrors as well as the fascination of total First World War, presenting the conflict through the eyes of an ordinary German soldier. It provides an account of the terrors of the Western Front and of the sickening allure that made men keep fighting on for 4 long years.