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Splitting: The inside story on headaches

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Writing Skills in Nursing and Healthcare

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'This is a practical and engaging guide to completing a dissertation or thesis. Drawing on the author's extensive experience and expertise, the book contains a raft of insights, hints and tips. It will be of great value to all post-graduate students of nursing and midwifery' - David Barrett, Deputy Head of Department of Nursing, University of Hull

Denial of Death

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Ernest Becker tackles our relationship to mortality and searches for alternative ways to live.


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Anders Bortne cannot sleep to the point where his health and family are at risk. His story, and those of others, and the facts he has uncovered about the condition, will be fascinating to many.

Asperkid's Launch Pad

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This unique visually-led guide helps parents to prepare a home environment that supports the development of children with Asperger syndrome. Jennifer O'Toole gives readers a walk-through tour of the home, showing, room by room, how physical surroundings affect Asperkids and highlighting the learning opportunities in every space and object.

The Language of Illness

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Food Isn't Medicine

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*The Sunday Times Bestseller* Losing weight is not your life's purpose. Do carbs make you fat? Could the keto diet cure mental health disorders? Are eggs as bad for you as smoking? No, no and absolutely not.

Tantra Made Easy: Discover the Patch from Sex to Spirit

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An introductory guide to the sacred sexuality practices of Tantra and how you can weave them together to create wholeness in your life. Learn the philosophy of Tantra as a spiritual path; how to activate your sexual energy and experience a richer, more fulfulling sex life; and techniques to open your heart and cultivate sacred relationships.

Mind Free: Say goodbye to negative thoughts, stress, insomnia, weight issues and more

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Learn to use mindful self-hypnosis to overcome negative thinking and get the most out of your life.
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