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The Language of Kindness: A Nurse's Story

Paperback, 03/01/2019, €12.15
A Dubray Staff Recommended Read. It encouraged me to appreciate this most underappreciated of professions more than ever' Adam Kay, author of This is Going to HurtChristie Watson was a nurse for twenty years.

Just One More Question

Hardback, 04/04/2019, €20.30

Fast 800 Recipe Book

Paperback, 13/06/2019, €23.00
Following Dr Michael Mosley's No.1 bestselling Fast 800, this fabulous companion cookbook offers a collection of delicious, nutritious recipes to help you incorporate the new 800-calorie programme into your daily life.

100 Days to a Younger Brain

Paperback, 07/03/2019, €20.30
An easy programme of one-a-day exercises to assess your brain health, improve your memory, protect your brain from cognitive decline and slow the effects of dementia

When Breath Becomes Air

Paperback, 03/01/2017, €12.15
At the age of thirty-six, on the verge of completing a decade's training as a neurosurgeon, Paul Kalanithi was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. One day he was a doctor treating the dying, the next he was a patient struggling to live. This book tells his story.

What to Expect When You're Expecting

Hardback, 12/01/2017, €23.00
With 18.5 million copies in print, What to Expect When You're Expecting is read by 93% of women who read a pregnancy book and was named one of the 'Most Influential Books of the Last 25 Years' by USA Today.

Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal

Hardback, 10/11/2015, €17.55
Reveals the root causes of diseases that medical communities either misunderstand or fail to understand at all, conditions that wreak havoc with the lives of people around the world. This book explores natural solutions - not merely relief of symptoms, but critical information that can address core causes and completely restore a person's health.

Anxiety and Panic: How to Reshape Your Anxious Mind and Brain

Paperback, 07/09/2017, €17.55
Understand, manage and overcome anxiety and panic attacks with this practical guide

Emotional Resilience: How to safeguard your mental health

Paperback, 03/05/2018, €20.30
Learn the skills to unlock your emotional resilience, protect your mental health and reach your full potential.